The Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF)and the Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française (DALF) are official diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify foreign candidates’ proficiency in French. The DELF B2 affords access to all French universities and to an ever growing number of European and francophone universities, eliminating the need for pre-admission French language tests.

The DELF and the DALF certificates are made up of six independent diplomas corresponding to the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2, DALF C1, and DALF C2. The exams are divided into two parts: Written Exam: Listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and written expression One on One Exam: Speaking and oral interaction The Alliance Française de Milwaukee offers three DELF versions: DELF for the general public (tout public : for adults ages 18+) DELF junior for children ages 12-16 DELF prim for children registered in primary schools.


Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
DELF-DALF TP A1 March 19 June 11 December 3
A2 March 19 June 11 December 3
B1 March 20 June 12 December 4
B2 March 21 June 13 December 5
C1 March 22 June 14 Decemebr 6
C2 March 23 June 15 December 7
DELF JUNIOR/SCOLAIRE A1 March 5 June 4 December 3
A2 March 6 June 5 December 4
B1 March 7 June 6 December 5
B2 March 8 June 7 December 6
DELF PRIM A1.1 March 19 May 9  
A1 March 20 May 10  
A2 March 21 May 11  


Session 1: March 5, 2018
Session 2: May 28, 2018
Session 3: November 19, 2018

FEES for 2018

DELF A1 $120
DELF A2 $130
DELF B1 $140
DELF B2 $170
DALF C1 $220
DALF C2 $220


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Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Exam fees are non-refundable once registered. You may pay by credit card in person or over the telephone, or by check or money order to the Alliance Française de Milwaukee.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure that all the information submitted to us on the entry form is correct. The name that appears on your form should match the spelling on your ID.