Kiki Anderson

A teacher for over ten years, Kiki has led dozens of French classes as well as some in creative writing, art history, and English. When she's not in the classroom, she translates children's books and selling points for the French press and writes. Along with friends Didier and Dale, she is co-author of the iPhone travel apps, "Paris Essential Guide" and "Bangkok Essential Guide."

Sady Azefzaf

Sady Azefzaf, a native Belgian/French professional from Paris, holds two masters degrees from the University of Paris 8 in fine and technical arts as well as multimedia and cinematography. He has taught for 20 years abroad and in the US. Sady is a long time active member of Alliance Française, serving in the past as a director of a chapter in California and currently as an instructor. He is also a professional musician and a world traveler, a citizen of the world!

Flora Fuller

Flora was born and raised in the region of Picardie, France. She studied English Literature and Civilization with a minor in Education in Lille, where she lived for 10 years, and holds a Master’s degree in English. Loving to discover new cultures, she travelled throughout Europe and North America, and even studied for two years in Wisconsin! She worked as an International Relations coordinator in a French college and has been teaching French as well as English for 6 years. She moved to the Milwaukee area last December.

Wes Jean

Wes is a native French-speaker, born and raised in Haiti. He is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Political Science, and a minor in Legal Studies at Concordia University-Wisconsin. Wes is also a musician who sings and plays guitar and has performed in Europe with the Kammerchor of Concordia University Wisconsin. Wes enjoys incorporating music into his teaching to make learning French fun for his students.

Michele Kenfack

Michele was born and raised in Cameroon. She studied French Literature, Comparative Literature, and Translation. She has taught languages for over seven years. Languages have always been her passion, and she loves sharing her understanding of the Francophone culture.

Céliane Labouret

Céliane was born and raised in Paris and studied French literature until she started her career as a French teacher.  She has taught French for over thirty years, from the French Lycée in New York, to a middle school in Guadeloupe, to the French immersion Program at a Montessori School in Milwaukee. She has settled now at Alliance Française, thoroughly enjoying teaching all ages. Céliane teaches various subjects, including World News, French Literature, French songs and games; however, she is still not able to teach cooking!

Fanny Liard

Born in Switzerland in a French speaking family, Fanny went to school first in German in Zurich, then in French and graduated from the University of Lausanne with a masters in German and minors in French and English. Teaching languages has always been her profession and passion, both in Europe and in the United States. After teaching in high school and to adults, she specialized in introducing French to young children. As a result, after 8 years at the Alliance Française of Denver and now 8 years at the Alliance Française of Milwaukee, she loves to say that she speaks French with people ages 1 through 80 and beyond!

Michelle Kirtley

Michelle has had a passion for the French language and the Francophone world since she spent her junior year abroad in college in Paris, France. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in French and International Relations from Hope College and a Master’s degree in International Education from The American University. After working in Communications for a French company in Washington, DC for six years, Michelle spent a year in Gabon where she taught English at a junior high school. In addition to her adventures in Central Africa, Michelle has traveled extensively throughout the French-speaking world including France, Morocco, Martinique and Haiti. She has thirteen years’ experience teaching French to high school students in Chicago.

Lucie Plouffe

Lucie is a native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she was raised in a French-speaking family. She worked as an executive secretary for a few years and then started her family. When her children were still young, the family moved to Toronto where they lived for nearly 20 years. She studied at York University in Toronto and completed a concurrent program, graduating with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in French and a B. Ed. (Bachelor of Education) in English. At the time, she also qualified and received a certificate of bilingualism. She worked as a French immersion teacher for the Durham Board of Education for 12 years. She and her husband then moved to Brussels, Belgium where they lived for 5 years. They travelled through Europe intensively and also visited a few African countries. She was an active member of the American Women Club and taught English at a Senior Citizens Center, as a volunteer. She is now a retired teacher living in the Milwaukee area, where she has been a teacher at the Alliance Française de Milwaukee since 2004.

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